Mwihila Hospital Restoration in Progress

Mwihila Gallery

Mwihila is located at the center of Khwisero division of Kakamega County, Western Kenya, 25 Kms Southwest of Kakamega town and 60 Kms Northwest of Kisumu city. Mwihila Mission Hospital is in the middle on the road between Musoli and Khwisero markets Plans to restore Mwihila to its glory days underway. New  Board of managers have been appointed to oversee the rehabilitation.

Some accomplishments thus far:

  • Out-patient building completed (2013)
  • 15 beds unit open for use (2013)
  • XRAY, Laboratory partially equipped (2013)
  • Restored running water (2014)
  • Partially equipped Operating Room (2015)
  • Acquired ambulance (2015)
  • Held annually free medical camps (last 5yrs)
  • Kitchen, remodeled, running water (2016)
  • 20 bed semi-private cubicles readied (2016)
  • 4 staff houses readied for use (2016)